When A Bride Entrance Goes An Epic Fail - Viral

Sometimes even how prepared you are but for some reasons failure appeared to be certain. These bridal entrance became an epic fail when an instruction goes wrong during a church wedding. 

The video shared by Facebook user Sirj Lawrence could be seen a perfect entrance from the start when the door of the church opened for the bride's walk going to the altar. But, in just a second of her walk it could be seen the bride is very anxious about her wedding gown. Then a man on the audience came out and instructed the bride with a hand signal ordering her to placed the veil upward to uncover her face.

However, the bride hasn't get the chance to follow the instructions, then the man came to revived the moment but unfortunately all went wrong but the bride continue to approach her man even the veil gone down. 

Despite the incident, the wedding ended with a promising endless love for both the groom and the bride.


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