Bad words not allowed in Baguio City as Anti-Profanity Ordinance approved

People of Baguio City might be named as the most courteous people on earth considering the new ordinance that would penalized profanity. The 'Anti-Profanity Ban' seeks to ban all manner of cursing, expressing insults whether directly or indirectly to anyone or any anybody, or using profane and foul language. 

The new ordinance is only effective within school premises and other establishments where students are present, like computer shops, all technical or vocational school providers, and other business establishments.

The ordinance 118, series of 2018 was first proposed in January 2017 by Councilor Lilia FariΓ±as now ratified and signed by Mayor Mauricio Domogan.

"It is readily observable nowadays that cursing has become a normal practice, commonplace everywhere, that even children seem to have already accepted that habit as a customary routine in our society, oblivious to the repercussions that it may result to," quoted in the proposed ordinance.

On the first offence, violators of the said ordinance will be given a personal talk to remind them of the ordinance, but if repeated too many times, penalty would be more severe like school suspension or expulsion.

The ordinance sparked different reactions from netizens.


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