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Bogart the Explorer Body Transformation Impressed Netizens, Lost 90 lbs

Remember Bogart the Explorer from Davao? Over the years, this man had become a part of every Filipino's laughter. He was known for his unique videos as he hunts creatures in the urban jungle and dubbed the video with his Australian accent.

If you've been following Bogart the Explorer with his unique videos, this has made him stand out from other Pinoy vloggers.

Maybe, you know him from his size but now maybe you'll not recognized him anymore because of some changes in his body. Bogart has lost (90lbs),he proudly shares his latest picture on his Facebook account wearing an XS t-shirt.

It's really impressive, the new look was actually due to his determination to more healthier lifestyle.

"Good morning, mate! Marking this day as the day I became an XS-sized Tshirt wearer," He said in his Facebook post.

           Bogart the Explorer from Davao City Facebook

According to Bogart his decision of losing weight has made possible after he had his little girl. In the past, Bogart had been always wanted to lose weight but never find the right motivation to do it.

Bogart had some piece of advise for people who's suffering the same problem with their weight,

"Find the motivation to live, then you'll know what you have to do. Your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own. use it before you lose it."


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