Marcelito Pomoy performance wowed audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The singer Marcelito Pomoy performed a jaw dropping performance at Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Before his performance, Pomoy was given a chance to talk with Ellen in a short interview, "Actually, I really didn't expect to be here and one time messaged me on Facebook. I still could not believe it even after being interviewed on Skype. I was only convinced after I received a ticket on the mail," Pomoy said.

"Here you are because you are amazing," DeGeneres told Pomoy.

The Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 winner even shared to Ellen his struggles in life, how he made to survived on street and how he made his way to stage as a famous performer.

Pomoy told Ellen that he used to earn $1 for working as a pin boy at the age of seven. He added he used whatever he had earned to buy himself food and sleep on the street at night.

Then Pomoy went off the center stage of Ellen DeGeneres showcasing a duo male and female performance by performing Celine Dion's and Andrea Bocelli "The Prayer".

"Unbelievable, so amazing," Ellen commented after Pomoy's performance.

Pomoy once again performed his second duet song "Beauty and the Beast," singing both male and female. 

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