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This little girl Headless Halloween Costume in the Philippines is now internet's best

This headless Halloween costume of a little girl from the Philippine was really incredible. This 2-year-old adorable girl named Maya went trick-or-treating this weekend dressed up with floral headless costume had gone viral.

Her mother Krystel Hwang who took and shared the viral video really impressed social media users. Maya can be seen in the video walking around the village, going to neighborhood with his costume that could hold candies instead of using her pumpkin basket.

 Well, her mother Krystel who made the costume for Maya should take the title for the best Halloween costume designer 2018. Kudos to Maya and to her mother, Krystal, for such amazing costume.

Maya together with her 6-year-old sister, Charlie, dressed as a burcher wins Halloween.

As of the posting, the video garnered more than 22M views, 43K comments and 310,993 shares.


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