Son allegedly chopped his mother to death and cook dismembered body parts

A 61-year-old mother was allegedly chopped into pieces by his mentally ill son in Pigcawayan, North Cotabato. He also allegedly took dismembered body parts, cooked and attempted to eat.

Bandera news reported that the man was chained inside the house because he was mentally disturbed that could endanger to the life of others.

According to Police Supt. Bernard Tayong who responded the crime scene, they received a report from the neighboring family's about the incident.

 Tayong was quoted in Filipino: "The father left the house around 3 p.m. and as he went back home he saw dismembered parts of the body scattered around. His son asked him if he knew the identity of the person. When he realized that it was his wife, he ran away and asked for his neighbors' help." 

After learning the incident, the police visited the area and they saw the suspect boiling some other body parts of his mother in a cooking pot. "He hadn't eaten it yet, but might waiting for it to be cooked," Tayong said.

Tayong said that the suspect was probably unchained by his mother because she felt bad for his condition. The suspect was reportedly used to be hooked on illegal drugs but its not yet confirmed from the father which still shocked by what happend to his wife. The suspect is also taking medication but unfortunately failed to take his medicine for two days.

The suspect was brought to a police station and later they would bring to health professional for check-up.


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