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Couple breaks-up after her ex-boyfriend stop her from putting kiss marks on him

A woman went to the program of Raffy Tulfo and demanded her ex-boyfriend to return the money he owe from her. Felicisima Gines shared no shame in the national TV telling why she and her ex-boyfriend Francisco had broke-up. 

It all started when her ex-boyfriend refused to let her put a kiss marks on him, claimed her ex-boyfriend has another women. When asked by Raffy why she did these, " So that if her ex-boyfriend is with another woman, those marks would be noticed that he has been with Felicisima." 

Before he was enjoying those hickeys and proud to show it off, Felicisima claimed. But recently, Francisco had been with another woman and the woman saw the hickeys were Francisco started to stop her making those rituals in him or else he would break up with her. Felicisima reacted badly and fearlessly decided to break-up Francisco but demanded to return the money he owe from her. 


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