Japanese employee sues his boss after his head was pushed down the boiling pot of soup

A Japanese employee is suing the president of his company after suffering from severe burns when his head was pushed down to the boiling pot of soup.

        A photo of the victims's face after the incident.

Although the incident happened December 2015, but now is gaining attention after it was reported that the man filed a case against his boss.

The video has been reposted on YouTube by the Daily Shincho but it's not clear why it took three years for the employee to take legal action.

The 23-year-old employee had his face shoved into a boiling pot of soup by the 25-year-old president of the company during a company party. It could be heard in the video that colleagues cheered after the incident instead of saving him.

The president of the company claimed that the incident was "just a prank," he said during interview with Weekly Shincho. The victim has claimed that he had been constantly bullied at the workplace and suffered emotional and physical distress since this incident.

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