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John Chau, American missionary tried to convert Indian Tribe to Christianity killed by arrows

John Allen Chau, 27, a young American missionary reportedly shot dead with bows and arrows of an indigenous tribe in India's Sentinel Island. Chau was trying to bring Christianity to the one of the most isolated place in India, were he believed for his calling from God to convert the last pre-Neolithic tribe in the world.

Indian officials said that Chau was illegally transported by fishermen to North Sentinel Island last week and as soon as he set foot on the island he face a flurry of arrows. Then a rope was tied on his neck and dragging his body away, according to the Dailymail news.

A handwritten note from Chau that was given to the fisherman to pass on to a friend said that members of the tribe were good to him while others were very aggressive.

"Doing this to establish the kingdom of Jesus on the island...Do not blame the natives if I am killed."

Chau appears to have visited the Island several times in the last few years, exploring the place as well as preaching too. Friends described Chau as an adventurer and explorer blogger "I definitely get my inspiration for life from Jesus," Chau quoted in his blog post. 

          Photo/johnachau Instagram

Seven people have been allegedly registered in connection to the incident and the fishermen who took him to the island have been arrested.

International Christian Concern released a statement calling Chau a missionary, comdemning his death.

"We are at International Christian Concern are extremely concerned by the reports of an American missionary being murdered in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands," said William Stark, ICC's retinal manager. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to both John's family and friends."

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