Kris Aquino shares audition snippets to new career

Recently, Kris Aquino shared an Instagram post for her new journey as an artist. The queen of all media announced that she has another opportunity to take her career to the international level.

Now, another Instagram post shared by Kris, this time a snippet of her audition and presumably these could be for her international project "multi ethnicity production."

The short clip was captioned, "Sorry, i didn’t make it to 12:51.

"I wanted to share these audition snippets with you because regardless of the outcome, i had the guts to take the leap of faith.

"There are so many people i need to thank for simply BELIEVING in and with me.

"I shall be back on Monday, i need this weekend to physically recharge, and also to further strengthen my resolve to release all my worries because when i think of all i have been through, where i am now, and the direction i am headed, i have been so BLESSED with the salvation of my Creator’s LOVE.

TIME TO FINALLY SLEEP because my 2 sons are okay. Much love to all of you from a very grateful mama."

The clip showed Kris wearing an off-the-shoulder black top with a glass of wine in hand on a kitchen counter.

Whatever later may bring, please allow me to be grateful for yesterday & last night. My American agent sent me the script for a multi ethnicity production BUT this time for a unique type of series (i’ll know later if the role is still open because i didn’t see the email asking for me to submit my script reading by October 29). Just to be asked to do an audition to be a recurring character for a girl who hasn’t been on Philippine TV for more than 2 years & who binge watches US series as her favorite form of relaxation is SURREAL. In a world no longer required to be patient, 2 big Filipino conglomerates made me feel I WAS WORTH THE WAIT. I am privileged to work with people who treat me as their own, because they value me as FAMILY. Please don’t mistake this for “hugot sa love life” - it’s only ironic YET heartwarming that my brand partnerships are proving to me there are unexpected things and people meant for me because they are ready and excited for a long term consistent & committed RELATIONSHIP. it’s how multifaceted my life is- i did back to back shoots, it fascinated me that i wore a golden Carolina Herrera lace creation at 5 PM & by 9 PM i was wearing a dress i had an actual say in choice of colors (obviously because of the predominance of pink) and the silhouette (i love this semi cowl neckline plus i insisted on the midi length); it’s the realization of a wish that dresses made for me by my favorite Filipino designers & some inspired by my all black pre-shoot “capsule” wardrobe are now the inspiration for pieces available for all of you at great value for money price points this Christmas season. May i just THANK ALL OF YOU AGAIN? None of these opportunities would be here for me NOW had it not been for your unwavering support and for being my prayer warriors. ... i am super GRATEFUL to have you traveling this journey with my sons & me... thank you for the inspiration to say w/ no regrets, THANK YOU, NEXT.
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Kris shared that she failed to submit her audition piece on the October 29 deadline.  The Queen of all media was last seen in Asian movie blockbuster 'Crazy Rich Asians."

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