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Miss International 2018 Hot Picks and Prediction

Tonight, Miss International 2018 will be choosing a women with full package, not only by her beauty but also with brain and a good heart. People around the world have their own choice whom will win the Miss International 2018 title. 

               Photo Courtesy By: Analyzing Pageants with Alvin Sebetero

There are 77 participants who will be competing for their best and represent this group beautifully. Facebook Page Analyzing Pageants with Alvin Sebetero shared his prediction for the 2018 Miss International pageant. Here are some of his top choice and prediction in terms of consistency with over all package.

TOP 15:

Miss International 2018: PHILIPPINES, Ma. Ahtisa Manalo
¬Consistent from start to finish and she is giving the vibe of a winner and she would be a great representation of this batch if she does take home the crown.

1st runner-up: MEXICO, Nebai Torres
¬ If Asian isn't going to get the crown this year, she could be a possible taker. A solid and strong performer since the beginning.

2nd runner-up: THAILAND, Keeratiga Jaruratjamon
¬ Another strong contender from the Asian region and I wouldn't mind if she does take home the crown.

3rd runner-up: POLAND, Marta Palucka
¬ One of the best faces of the competition. I just wish she gives more personality and energy because she surely deserves to be up there.

4th runner-up: SOUTH AFRICA, Reabetswe Sechoaro
¬ I am not sure if MI is ready to crown an African winner but Reabetswe did waved the African regions's flag beautifully and represented very well.

TOP 10:

VENEZUELA, Mariem Velazco
¬ Strong and consistent, nothing much to say because when it comes to her, it all boils down to personal taste from the judges

PUERTO RICO, Yarelis Salgado
¬ One of my sentimental favorite and I hope she do well and if she enters Top 5, I would be glad.
COLOMBIA, Anabella Castro Sierra
¬ There is something about her look that is classic and beautiful and she is also someone to watch out for.

LAOS, Piyamarth Phounpaseuth
¬ One of the biggest surprise and also one of the best faces this edition

INDONESIA, Vania Herlambang
¬ Will the curse continue? But regardless, she represented and did her best to defend the crown

TOP 15:

PANAMA, Shirel Ortiz
¬ I am just amazed at how consistent this woman is. If she goes far, I think she deserves it.

AUSTRALIA, Emily Tokic
¬ Another favorite of mine but I hope she delivered enough to qualify because she surely deserves it

ROMANIA, Bianca Tirsin
¬ I am in love with her beauty. I honestly think that my placement for her is a bit low and I hope she would really go far.

SWEDEN, Izabell Hahn
¬ Surprisingly good. I just love her in every shot.

HAITI, Cassandra Chery
¬ I hope she won't be ignored this year. She deserves to get a placement in the semifinals atleast.

Meanwhile, You can watch Miss International 2018 Coronation Night, Live Streaming Here!


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