People started pairing a new love team inside the PBB house KarSeth or KarJon?

After a successful opening of 'Pinoy Big Brother Otso' that drew a big number of viewers nationwide, now people started picking up a new pair of love team in the set of housemates inside the PBB house.

From the set of first batch male teen housemates, Seth Fedelin, the Hope-pool Son of Cavite; Aljon Mendoza, the Shy Charmer of Pampanga; Art Guma, the Baeral Gwapito of Davao; and Josh Worsely, the little Prince of Davao. 

The girl teen Housemates on the other hand are Jelay Pilone, the Sassy Sipag Girl of gen San; Kaori Oinuma, the Kawaii Daughter of Japan; Lie Reposposa, the Teenig ng Tawanan of Davao; and Karina Bautista, the Miss Independent of Isabela.

People started to picked up there top choice pair from the set of first batch in the male and female housemates. Team 'KarSeth' and 'KarJon' are now making rounds in Twitter world as their fans are all out supporting them. 

Are you team KarSeth or KarJon? Please join us with your comment below.


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