Marian Rivera show off baby Bump for second child

Marian Rivera all in her cute outfit and sweet smiles after showing off her baby bump at the launch of Kultura X, Marian Rivera's Timeless Pearls, written at nelsoncanlas Instagram.

                        Photo @nelsoncanlas Instagram

During a Presscon of his new drama series Cain at Abel Dingdong was asked about the gender of their baby, he just reply with a sweet smile.The couple already knew the gender of their baby not too long ago but saying he will not reveal at this time.

Marian is having a hard time with her cravings, and even give him a hard time as well, Dingdong said.

 Recently, the prime time queen revealed the challenges she was facing in her second pregnancy.
In her interview with she said that she's gaining weight and nausea are a lot worse this time.

The couple is not interested to have a gender party, but don't worry guys let's find out after Zia's third birthday as the couple set to announced very soon. 


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