Philippine Marines tank collided with a car in EDSA South bound

The Philippine Marines Tank collided into a red sedan along EDSA South bound on November 23. The incident happened near to LRT Muñoz Station. The tank were on their way back to Fort Bonifacio from Capas, Tarlac. Both the drivers of the tank and their statement about the incident however, none of them admitted the responsibility about the incident happened.

According to the statement of the tank driver named Joel Gabay, the car suddenly cut in front of them coming from the right lane,causing them to collide, ABS-CBN reported.

However, the driver of sedan rejected the statement of the tank driver saying that he just avoiding the tank when it hit his car.

Netizens started to react and able to share their thoughts on social media. Some is saying that it was obviously the fault of Sedan considering the tank were on a convoy and standard procedure is to give way to this military vehicle. Some even noticed the tank is in the right position and all drivers must keep a safe distance. 

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