Student hospitalized after receiving over 200 slaps from teacher and classmates for allegedly using foul language

A grade six student was slapped over 230 times by his teacher and classmate as a punishment for the alleged used of foul language in class.

A horrible incident took place at Class 6.2 of Duy Ninh Middle School in Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh Province.

According to tuoitrenews, the student who was referred to only as N, was accused by a female classmate of using foul language, only because he had read a sentence containing the name of her parent. 

Apparently, calling out the names of their classmates' parents in primary and middle school students in Vietnam is considered a form of bullying.

That time the female student took it personally and made a complaint to the math teacher named Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, who then instructed all 23 students in the class to give N 10 slaps for each student.

After going home the poor kid's mother was stunned to see the swollen cheeks of her son, and the her son told the whole story.

N was rushed to the hospital for medical attention. The child was diagnosed with soft-tissue injuries and has difficulty in the opening of his mouth. Aside from physical injuries, N was emotionally traumatized too according to her mother.

The ministry of education had ordered to investigate the case and take the necessary action against the teacher. School leaders admitted that the action of the teacher was wrong despite of the rule the student had broke.

Source: Vnexpresstuoitrenews


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