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This dog waits more than 80 days for late owner, dubbed as Modern-Day 'Hachiko' in Mongolia

Have you heard of the dog named Hachiko? Hachiko is a dog who waited for his late owner at the train station for over 9 years. Hachiko is considered to be as the most loyal dog in the world. Hachiko had no idea that his owner would never come back to the train station anymore. Hachiko was a Japanese Akita dog remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner.

Over the years, dog's would always be the man's best friend and a number of dog's also showed similar loyalty to their master.

Recently, a dog from Mongolia was being dubbed as the modern-day 'Hachiko' as he pays vigil at the roadside, waiting for his owner who would never arrive anymore.

This unnamed dog was filmed by a concerned netizen about the plight of the dogs as he might get side-swiped by a moving in the busy street of Mongolia.

The dog has no idea that his owner got a car accident on that spot, like Hachiko, the dog continued to come back to that spot, hoping his owner to comeback.

The dog started to wait at the side of the road since August 21. The dog stays there even though it is raining. Worse, winter is fast approaching, it could get the poor dog in serious trouble once the snow begins to fall.

People started giving their best, hoping that the dog would consider them as the new owner. However, the dog refuses to tough any kind of offer liked food and water near his post.

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