Tony Labrusca's tongue kissing scene with Angel Aquino 'Glorious' sparks hilarious reactions from viewers

Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca's movie trailer 'Glorious' is making rounds online after a steamy scene which netizens reacted the most.

The upcoming movie shows no boundaries in the name of love, Tony Labrusca plays the lover of a much older woman Angel Aguino(Glorious).

The first trailer that was released Saturday, has been bought by more than 1 million views, 5K comments and 18K shares in just 3 hours.

The rest of the trailer shows how the pair faces unfair judgement from judgy people, friends and family. The Pinoy romance movie spliced between such drama come the sex scenes, steamy as a greasy spoon and almost as erotic.

But the only conviction the two stars bring to their roles will be coming from the viewers eyes who brought their hilarious reaction to social media.

Celebrities Lea Salonga and Gretchen Ho were among those who posted  their reactions in their social media account.

Others compare the scene to the movie 'The Boy Next Door'.

@Angel Jones comment: I should be weirded out that all MY Age group friends are going crazy about my sons tongue trending but I'm just proud and excited for everyone to watch #Glorious.


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