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Video captured Man stabbing Melbourne Police: One dead, two injured

One person reportedly dead and two others have been injured in the latest Melbourne's Bourke Street's attack. A man has been shot by police in a terrifying scenes  of Friday after a man cast them with a knife. It could be seen in the video a man forcefully plunge a police officer and other bystanders had tried to help the officers.

The altercation was filmed by several bystanders from multiple angles which circulated online. Witnesses shared their story saying that they heared an explosion and as they went outside they saw a car in flames.

The attacker has died in hospital as he was shot in the chest by police at the scene, theguardian reported.

"I'm proud of the way our community responded respectfully to police instruction at the scene. I know many of us will feel the impact of these terrible events and it's important at these times that we pull together as a community and support one another." Lord Mayor Melbourne said in a Tweet.


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