Yao Ming finally graduated College at the age of 38

At the age of 38, the former NBA superstar Yao Ming proves that education has no boundaries and never to late to achieved it.

The former Houston Rockets center player with the average record of 19 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks per game is now a degree holder. He graduated at Shanghai Jiao Tong University together with some other 3,300 other graduates, The Star reported.

Yao Ming also gave his speech to his fellow graduates at the ceremony in which he joked about the length of time it took him to complete his course.

"At a certain stage in the future, you should try to combine your future with the  future of the society, because that's how you can find larger space for yourself to explore," he said in a speech.

Yao Ming looked thrilled as he posed for photographs with his parents wearing the traditional gown and mortarboard. Finally, he fulfill his promised to his parents when he was 17, now he graduated his degree in economics.


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