Coffee shop in Japan hires paralyzed people to control working robots

Let us removed for sometime in our mind that robot is one of our big competitors to our job. This robots in Japan really helps human to earn money, especially for those people suffering from paralysis which sometimes they felt useless in the society.

This robots are working to serve humans at Dawn Cafe in Tokyo are remotely controlled by people who are paralyzed or suffering from conditions like ALS and other spinal cord injuries were currently employed at this shop, SoraNews24 reported.

OriHime, a startup that developed robots for disabled people, the OriHime-D is a 120 cm (4ft) tall robot that can be operated remotely from a paralyzed person's at home. The operator can even controlled the robot through eye-ball movements, speak with people and handle objects.

This video shows how an ALS patient, unable to speak but uses his eyes to type the command in order the robot can do for their tasks.

Another video shows paralyzed man using a OriHime-D robot that serves a coffee.

Dawn Cafe is could be the first coffee shop designed to look like the fictional sci-fi cafe that you saw on movies.

At the moment, a staff with ALS conditions or spinal cord injuries and working from home are paid 1,000 yen (US$8.8) an hour, a standard wage for part time worker in Japan working at a coffee shop.

Prior to its official opening, a crowdfunding drive was launched and if the project will succeed, with continued support, the Dawn will open its full operation by 2020.

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