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Look: Mom's reaction over Gerald Anderson's Christmas gift

Gerald Anderson once again showed his loved to his mom by giving her a gift that she wanted since they are just a kid. Gerald recalled to his Instagram saying,"Matagal ngrerequest mama ko ng customized jewelery .. meron siyang style na gusto talaga niya mula nung bata pa lang kami .. pero di namin afford nung bata pa ako ," Gerald wrote in his Instagram.

Unknown to his mother a surprise gift, when Gerald rushed to mom's room and told her that there is a robber inside the house.

"So sinuprise ko siya,ginicing ko siya sa kwarto niya sumigaw ako na my pumasok na mgnanakawa sa bahay para lumabas siya agad," He added.

His mom quickly went out to her room and followed Gerald's direction. To her surprise when she saw a countless jewelry placed on the table, she asked.

"Is that real?"

And everyone laughed, as you will see his mom's reactions. Even for the second time she couldn't believe for what she saw saying, "No That's Not Real."

In that sense, Gerald's simple gestures to his mom is really people's loved and most of the mother's wish. 

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