Manila cops turns to be teachers for street children

Manila, Philippines - Manila cops turns to be the teachers for street children, bringing their patrol car converted to a mini library. This street children are prone to street crimes and for there young age they will be involved in some illegal activities if without proper guidance.

                             Photo/ UNTV

Over the years, authorities and street children are playing hide and seek in the street of Manila, some of them were get caught and bring to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and after sometime the're freed again.   

They spend most of their time loitering in parks or along the roads begging for alms.

Nineteen-year-old Lhera recalled how she became accustomed to do things which she shouldn't have been doing at a young age. Due to lack of proper guidance, they just do whatever they want to do even without knowing that they are violating the law.

"Dati po nagnanakaw, nagso-solvent. Nanghahablotpo kapag hindi kami binigyan. Pero dahil po sa mga guro naming pulis, nagbago po kami," Lhera said in UNTV.

For these reason Manila Police District (MPD) launched the mobile library project dubbed as "Pulis na, Teacher pa" program aims to teach street children and out-of-school-youth basic hygiene, academic lessons and good manners.

The mobile library usually parks along Roxas Boulevard, equipped with teaching tools and variety of books. They even have audio-visual aids to help children's understand more about the lesson. 

This gesture by the policemen and women was praised by the people and parents of the street children in the area.

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