Ryan ToysReview, a seven year-old boy YouTube channel earns $22 Million a year

Wow! sounds awesome right? The seven-year-old-boy Ryan of Ryan ToysReview was named as the highest-paid YouTubers in the world, according to Forbes. It seems that Ryan is just enjoying to what he is doing right now, he never think about money as his priority, he is now earning a $22 million this year.

For him it's just a playtime with his parents who happened to be his video director for their toys review. The channel has more than 17 million subscribers for his all time toys review like trains, cars, Disney characters and Lego blocks that most children loves play.

Ryan ToysReview channel has started in 2015 which have amassed a total of almost 26 billion views since it was launched by his parents. The seven-year-old earnings have doubled since the previous year and his earning most likely came from the advertisements that appear before his videos and other sponsors.

It seems that this figure is likely to increase for the next coming year as it was announced that content from his channel will be distributed on Hulu and Amazon. Added to that was Ryan's World, were he launched a line toy and apparel line exclusively now on sale at Walmart.

Ryan was once an avid watcher of toy reviews, especially ones that focused on thomas the Tank Engine. One day Ryan asked his mother, "How come I'm not on YouTube when all the other kids are?" Then they took him on the store to get his very first toy-i think it was a Lego train set -and it all started from there, his mom told tubefilter.

For now Ryan is enjoying his life as a kid together with his parents. But if so happens that he will going to quit broadcasting his toy collections to the world.

"He's got enough money for 100 lifetimes," says Lacaillade as quoted as saying in Forbes.

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