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Happy couple ride their bicycle going to church wedding together with friends are people most loved

This newlywed couple has caught the attention in the online world for there unique and eco-friendly wedding theme. Bikes had been such a big part of the courtship for the couple were they incorporate these into there wedding ideas.

The OFW couple from Taiwan Nerrie and Dave Aragon had been always to be a partner by their loved cycling sports, indeed to be their wedding theme when they tied the knot on October 6, 2018. 

It wasn't easy to ride with a wedding dress but Nerrie and Dave managed to rode with their bikes going to their reception, indeed a happy ride for the couple.

The couple just proved that wedding is not all about expensive cars, expensive flowers or an expensive clothes. It's all about how you shared happiness and loved through your connections to what you're doing that will bind you to the rest of your life.

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