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Japan to hire 345,000 foreign workers and will grant permanent residency

Due to the latest statistics recorded the nation is suffering from a chronic labor shortage - Japan is offering the country for foreign worker to helped the ongoing and future projects. Japan will be needing for at least 345,000 work force over the five years as parliament is set to pass legislation that will allow skilled workers to come into the country.

Japan will be hiring these labor shortage categories:

1.   Accommodation industry
2.   Agriculture
3.   Automobile repair and maintenance
4.   Aviation industry
5.   Building cleaning management
6.   Construction
7.   Electric, electronics and information
8.   Fishery and aquaculture
9.   Foodservice industry
10. Industrial machinery
11. Machine parts and tooling
12. Manufacture of food and beverages
13. Nursing and healthcare
14. Shipbuilding and ship machinery

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, the Philippines and Japanese governments have met to discuss the specified skilled worker visa.

Under the new system, workers are categorized depending to workers line of work. Workers may have the chance to grant a five-year contract - allowing them to bring their family to the country. However, the workers are require to pass a language proficiency exam and a skills test.

Japan expects at least 47,550 foreign workers to enter the country in the first five year of implementation.

Last year, Japan's population decreases to .3 percent  birth rate and with more than 20 percent of its citizens aged 65 or older. 

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