Julia Barretto explains why she doesn't wear bra 'Walang kakapitan 'yung Bra'

Julia Barretto explained why she wasn't wear a bra. Barretto and her onscreen partner and rumored boyfriend Joshua Garcia both went to an interview with "Tonight with Boy Abunda". 

         Screen grab from Tonight with Boy Abunda YouTube video

When Abunda started to asked Garcia about his concern over Barretto's daring fashion style, he told that the young actress sometimes does not wear cycling shorts and bra.

"Si Julia, di siya nag-iingat minsan sa susuotin niya," said Garcia.

"Tapos minsan wala pa siyang cycling, tapos minsan 'di siya nag-aano 'bra, nipple tape lang nilalagay nya," He added.

However, cool and honest Julia answered to defend herself.

"Ako naman din walang kakapitan 'yung bra',"saying wearing bras are unconfortable.

"So mas masakit talaga kasi nagta-try naman 'yung bra ko eh, pero wala talaga siyang makapitan," with Her joking answer.

The actress said that she prefers wearing a nipple tape instead of a bra, then Garcia whispered her, "mag-baby bra ka na lang".

Julia explained that these kind of outfit she wore is where she was comfortable with and this is the way how she was expressing herself. 

Garcia later made it clear that he has no issue to whatever clothing Barretto would choice.

'Actually ako wala naman akong complaint, kung anong gusto niyang suotin,okay lang," he said.

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