Filipinos who have 300+ eye grade are entitled for a PWD privileges? NCDA clarifies

Following to the viral Tweet by a certain @tokehang, "got my PWD card today! filipinos who have 300+ eye grade are entitled for a PWD privileges! know your rights!!" The post quickly sparked comments and queries from people who has the desire to avail the kind of privileges.

The tweet has been deleted and had the copy from Facebook page of F.P Balane Optical Clinic. 

There are seven categories that qualify for a PWD ID, hearing loss, orthopedic disability, learning disability, psychosocial disability, chronic illness, mental disability, and visual impairment.

NCDA Clarifies:

Visual Impairment - There is no set grade that is considered to be the threshold that separates the disabled from the non-disabled. However, DOH specialists in the PDAO (persons with disabilities affairs office) in your town or city hall have a set guidelines for determining who is visually impaired and who can qualify for a PWD ID based on visual acuity, or the lack of it. If the applicant's eyes are discernible to be blind, then the applicant need to bring a clinical abstract to prove the disability, just bring your government-issued ID, reported.

PWD ID holders are entitled to several benefits and privileges. 

20% discounts & 12% VAT exemption on certain following transactions:

* Hotels, restaurants,and  recreational centers
* Cinemas, concert halls or any cultural, leisure or amusement place admission fees.
*Medicines from any drugstore
*Domestic travel (via sea or air)
*Transportation fees 
*Funeral and burial services
*Skyway and tollway fees

5% discounts on basic necessities:

        *Rice, Corn, Bread
        *Canned marine and meat products
        *Fresh meat including pork, beef, and chicken
        *Fresh eggs, milk, infant formulas and other dairy products
        *Fresh vegetables, root crops, onion, garlic
        *Coffee, sugar, salt, cooking oil, noodles
        *Laundry soap, diapers, detergent
        *Candles, charcoal, firewood
        *Veterinary products including swine, poultry, and cattle feeds and product
        *Nipa, shingles, plyboard, construction nails
        *Batteries, electrical supplies, light bulbs, steel wire
        *Education Assistance

Education Assistance 

        *Primary, secondary or tertiary
        *Private, public, vocational or technical educational establishments
        *Discount from National bookstore

Government Benefits

        *GSIS, SSS and Pag-IBIG
        *P15,000 worth of benefits from PhilHealth
        *Exclusive public attorneys
       *P25,000 deduction of annual income tax deduction to relatives up to fourth civil degree living and caring for the PWD
        *Free Movies (Monday & Tuesday Only)

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