Siquijor's Ghost Ships Story Solved - Coast Guard Prove

Recent news about Siquijor ghost ships called 'tayog-tayog' is making the social media going crazy. Locals claimed that the two ghost ships are true and the story was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).

             Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Facebook

Locals believed that the mystery ships was owned by supernatural creatures 'engkanto' living in the area.

KMJS started to investigate the mysterious ships, according to the people the ships show off its light between 12 midnight to 3AM. Then the team patiently wait, they successfully spotted the mystery ships in the middle of the dark sky with a shinning bright lights that somehow convinced them.

However, the story doesn't stop once proven. The team once again started their research and queries through the proper authorities like the coastguard in the area, however coastguard confirmed no scheduled ships crossing the area during this time.

The coastguard has failed to chased the ships on their first attempt due to high waves with their small rubber boat, bringing the team back to their station.   

Tourists flocked to Lazi after the viral video, their mission is to hunt for the mystery ships.

The coastguard once again attempt for the second time with a bigger and high endurance vessel that can resist to high waves. The team started to positioned the vessel before the clock tick near where the tayog-tayog had been appearing, ready to chase.

Shortly after midnight, the team heard the sound of the ship - and this was supposed the tayog-tayog. 

But it wasn't what they expected, it turned out a real ship traversing the area around 1AM in the waters of Lazi. M/V Filipinas Iligan of Cokaliong Shipping Lines are in route from Cebu to Ozamis vise versa. The other vessel was turned to be TranAsia1 which also took the same route but in opposite direction with M/V Filipinas Iligan.  

So, the last question is why these vessels appear and quick to disappear its lights from far? Authorities explained that the weather and distance affects the visibility of the ships lights. Sometimes if the weather is cloudy lights would easily disappear from eyesight at a far distance.

Locals are now convinced and started to forget about the myth of the mysterious ships. They could now sleep peacefully without any worries at the middle of the dark quite night. 

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