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Super kid from Iloilo city can read & identify things even blindfolded

If you think this is a bird box challenge, No it's not. This is a challenge were you have to read or identify things while wearing blindfolds.

For many people, it's not strange to think we have talent abilities some would consider psychic or having a supernatural power. Well, this kid from Iloilo city are doing exactly like that, the ability to see blindfolded.

He can read books, even reportedly see through solid objects, all while securely blindfolded. The video that was featured in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho showing a blindfolded boy, he was tasked to read pictures or objects which draws in a deck of cards and even things that surrounds him.

The boy perfectly read and identify what is printed in the cards, even the smallest numbers printed in a five hundred peso bill.

I think all we need to understand is the fundamental concept of seeing is not believing, believing allows you to see.

Believing is the ability mostly children has acquired than young adults, as they mostly live in their imaginations and that is why it is easy for them to tap into these hidden abilities.

If you don't believe in psychic ability, you have to watch this video.

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