Foreign Woman Emotional After Seeing A Cleaner Manila Bay

Manila Bay is a place that was forgotten for a decade with tons of floating trash and annoying odor. However, recently everything has changed through the people and government agencies initiative with one mission, to clean the Manila Bay.

After a successful effort with hundreds of volunteers went down and collected huge trash, to their delight people shared stunning photos of Manila bay showing before and aftermath of the clean up drive.

Even foreigners are grateful seeing the more cleaner Manila Bay. One of those is Facebook user Liana Meyer who shared her happiness  seeing a huge changed in Manila Bay. Meyer become emotional standing in front of the cleaner Manila Bay, “H! I’m standing here, of all places I never thought I would visit today where I’m standing on the edge of Manila Bay … on the actual sand,” she said.

“Previously, for weeks and weeks and months I’ve been walking by here every day and this whole area was full of trash not only on the sand but all the way to the waters.”

“Filipinos deserve better and this is what Filipinos deserve,” She added

As of the posting, Meyer's video had gone viral with more than 2.2 million views and 12K shares.

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