Julia Barretto "Topless" photo surface online, netizens react

After long tiring days at work, actress Julia Barretto is taking her break which she deserved at an undisclosed beach resort. Recently, she posted some of her stunning Instagram story alone in a paradise.

       Photo credit from Julia Barretto Instagram

However, one of her post is making the rounds online which people thought she was topless while taking a dip in a rocky clear blue water lagoon. Julia wore an orange one-piece swimsuit with an open back. At first glance you might find Julia in a topless but assure everyone that she was not topless.

"ps i'm not naked thanks," she wrote in her Instagram post.

Here are some of netizens comment:

The actress quickly replied to these comments, saying, "I'm wearing a one piece swimsuit."

She even explained that the straps of her one piece were very thin and not visible from far.

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