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Caloocan city ordinance bans women from wearing short shorts, what can you say?

Summer has just started and many women are more comfortable of wearing short shorts, however, in Caloocan City, they have an ordinance prohibiting residents from going topless or wearing short shorts in public places. 

The city ordinance 0439 prohibits individual from not wearing any upper piece of clothing and from wearing short shorts especially in public. If caught on first offence you will get a warning, second offense you will get fine of Php500, and Php1000 on the third offense with imprisonment for two days.

This is a warning to you guys if you fail to pay the fine, you will have to render community service for two to four days. 

Despite the existence of the ordinance, barangay officials told GMA News that it's not really implemented properly. Although they have caught some individuals who go topless and wore short shorts, still they don't penalized.

However, some netizens do not agree with this kind of ordinance and even others were not aware of when it was passed and implemented.

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