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Gretchen Fullido's libel complaints against Ces Drilon and Marie Lozano, dismissed!

Manila, Philippines - The City Prosecutors' Office of Quezon City dismissed the libel complaints filed by Gretchen Fullido against Ces Drilon, Marie Lozano, and Venancio Borromeo.

             Photo: Facebook/Marvin B. Aceron

The court said that the statements of Drilon and Lozano were not defamatory or libelous. Citing to a Supreme Court ruling, the QC prosecutor's office said, "Words which are merely insulting are not actionable as libel or slander per se....The fact that the language is offensiveto the plaintiff does not make it actionable by itself."

Here's Drilon's alleged libelous remarks as read below:

“Gretchen’s accusations of sexual harassment against [Favila and Asprec] also surprised me because many times…. I witnessed Ted Failon and Noli De Castro make side comments…. about Gretchen’s body, manner of dress, or behavior that, in my opinion, constituted sexual harassment or at least inappropriate behavior. But Gretchen Fullido only laughed off these comments. She never complained. One remark she made in one party struck me: She said she was willing to wear a bikini with an inflatable pool and bubbles on TV Patrol to shore up its ratings.”

It can be recalled that on October 5, 2018, Fullido filed a sexual harassment and libel case against several ABS-CBN personalities.

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