LouDre kissing scene inside the PPB house gets mixed reactions

LouDre once again is making a buzz online after Andre Brouilette and Lou Yanong love affair continues in flame inside the PBB house, getting a lot of attention from the housemate and to the audience in the outside world.

Yamyam: Before they are control. Nashock po ako sa nakita ko.

Hanie: We’re adults and we were all drinking pretty hard...if its ok with Lou and Andre then it should be ok.

Mary Grace: They’re both adults so it’s okay. Wala ako karapatan kasi adults sila pero iba kasi setup dito”

Fumiya: “I want to ask everyone if its ok”

Mary Grace: Di tama. Ako nahihiya maski wala ako ginawa. Parang ako kasi ate nila. Although they are adults, this is not the right place.

Yamyam: Its their relationship pero. Di po tama para sakin. Hindi po talaga ako komportable.

Fumiya: Its a little weird because we all live here...they cant control too much. In Japan, like this [hug] is already rude in public. Its ok in the Philippines I thought but since your reactions are like this. If its the outside world, its ok, but we are 8 in the house.

People can't help but share their reactions over the kissing scene they saw on the episode of Pinoy Big Brother March 4, 2019.

Only in the Philippines would a simple kiss cause so much controversy. Oh my gosh, guys, it's 2019. What's the big deal about Andre and Lou's kiss? They're consenting adults. If you think a kiss is wild, you should see what happens on other Big Brother shows.

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People are just really OA sometimes. They're both single, they're both adults, they both like each other and wala silang tinatapakang tao. They can kiss and hug all they want at wala tayong karapatang pagsabihan sila. Andun na rin yung fact na tipsy or drunk sila

Obvious naman na titig na titig si andre kay lou kaya tinanong niya ng "do you wanna kiss me?" The same thing with the other pool party when she asked him, "Do you like me? Do you wanna get to know me?" Please don't bash someone when you don't know the whole context.

people have to understand that lou and andre are NOT obliged/responsible to live up to other people's expectations. therefore, they are not constrained to be like what you people want them to be.

Lou never projected na dalagang pilipina siya yes may reservations siya, her being NBSB says a lot na she is looking for REAL love and one statement from a drunken state should not define her Give her a break!

Mika Cathleen S. Casidsid So disappointed para kaganapang 'yan. They are adults but not acting as a good one. Nasa National TV po ang gingawa nyo at may mga batang nanonood. They should calculate their actions hindi porke gusto nyo isa't isa liberated na kayo sa kalandian nyo. Love privately, and please not public sessions like that.

Nnelg Otadgap Inodnalaj Wid all due respect lang po sa mga nangbabash ha, kaya pinalabas kasi may makukuhang lesson, tsaka dba may disclaimer before it airs????RATED SPG, Striktong Patnubay at Gabay ng MAGULANG kailangan eklavo....sa palagay mo ba Maam yung mga magulang nasusupervise nila mga anak nila 24/7 kung ano yung naba.browse sa internet????easy access ang porn sites....may nagreklamo ba na parents on social media regarding wid those video clips????yun yung dapat pagtuunan ng pansin....my geed!hypocrites!

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