Maine Mendoza: "It's true, I am dating Arjo"

One big revelation from the phenominal Star when she took to her blog about the real status between her and Arjo Atayde. On her personal blog that was supposed intended for her blog readers, supporters and bashers on March 2, Maine Mendoza wrote clearly: "It's true, I am dating Arjo."

According to Mendoza, she chose to go out with him several times to get to know him better."I wouldn't deny that our friendship is growing deeper with time," she wrote.

The day before her birthday today March 3, Maine disclosed the true status of her heart and how Arjo became special to her life.

"You might be waiting for an explanation as to why I chose him. Excuse me for saying this but...why not?"

"I choose not to judge his character for whatever he's done in the past because that does not define him as a person.

"I was raised to never judge a person, to always see the goodness of people no matter how other people see them."

Mendoza even defended Arjo and his family from bashers:

"It is sad how some go overboard with what is happening in my personal life. To the point of bombarding him and his family threats and malicious messages left and right. I know how you feel and I respect you for feeling that way but I believe it will never be right and acceptable to resort to personal attacks to get back at anyone or to relieve your frustration". 

Maine disclosed that Arjo has personally met her family in Bulacan as the first man she's introduced to her parents.

“He went to our house in Bulacan to personally talk to my parents and tell them he has nothing but good intentions for their daughter. My parents also gave him a warning that they’d kill him if he does something bad to me. Haha! I remember him looking so timid as he sat on our couch in front of Teodoro and Mary Ann.”

Her massage to Fans:

"I am sorry if I am hurting you with my truth. I am sorry if the truth is too much to bear.

"I know how you feel, believe me. I know you invested so much time, effort, and money on us just to show how much you love us and we really do try our best to make you feel that everything you did/do for us is much appreciated and treasured - that we love you dearly and all of you are special to our hearts, too.."

In January, Arjo admitted that they are exclusively dating following to an Instagram post, showing a smiling Maine with a caption "save the best stop for last."

Her blog has been inaccessible as of early Sunday morning.

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