Momo is dead, students burned Momo doll during flag raising ceremony in Butuan

The creator of the chilling 'Momo' reassured children that Momo is dead. The 43-year-old Sculptor Keisuke Aiso says he feels responsible for terrifying children after his work was hijacked by online sickos who used it in the so-called 'Momo Challenge,' he told The Sun.

The original work was called Mother Bird was built in 2016 and exhibited at an alternative art gallery in the Japanese capital.

But after snaps of the bird woman were posted online it morphed into the challenge after sick individuals edited the face into children's You Tube videos.

Using a generated computerized voice, the horrible character threatens to whoever has clicked on the video.

Children have been left terrified by the face, with schools and government issuing advice to parents over the online clip.

One of the school in the Philippines made an awareness to children about the creepy character. The Libertad National High School in Butuan City had made their own way on how to stop Momo.

Students celebrates and cheers while burning up Momo effigy, hoping that the curse and nightmare for children will end.

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