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A$AP Rocky concert interrupted after Pinoy fan grabbed his shoes during Manila concert

Rapper A$AP Rocky is a bit disappointed when a fan tried taking one of his shoe while in the middle of his performance. The American rapper's concert at the club XYLO in Taguig City has gone viral.

 Wenzel Vivian, a concertgoer shared a video on Twitter, the rapper was in the middle of Sheck Wes "Mo Bamba" as he sat down on the edge of the stage when someone form the crowd suddenly grabs onto his white Nike Air Force.

He kept pointing at the unidentified fan and calls him out, "What the fuck is you doing crawling on the floor, stupid?" After the heated confrontation, A$AP Rocky left the stage for about 5 minutes, then he came out for the final song.

His performance lasted only for about 20 minutes. "He wasn't rapping anymore. I think he called security and his manager too,"Concertgoer Princess Jao told Coconuts Manila.

The fan has tried to offer his whiskey as a peace offering to the rapper as he was being escorted by security, he added.

She presumed the incident made the rapper cut his performance short, as it supposed to end at 5AM but instead ended at 3AM.

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