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Foreign man was caught on cam stopping grab car by sitting on the hood after driver cancels his booking for being late

A foreign man was caught on video trying to stop a grab car after his booking was canceled, due to no show on the pick-up location. The moment was shared by @AmberPGonzales on her Twitter story. 

According to Gonzales, she was inside the vehicle as a GrabShare passenger, a feature in the ride-hailing app that allows multiple passengers to ride the same car. They were in EDSA Cor. Domingo M. Guevarra St. in Mandaluyong City when the incident happened. She recalled how they waited for the foreign man for 5 minutes at his pick-up point, the guy was no-show, then the driver decided to canceled his ride through the app. 

The guy on a white shirt and sunglasses then suddenly appeared after a grab car was about 500 meters away from the pick-up location. It can be seen on the video that he is sitting on the car's hood while the vehicle was on stop. He made a sign to the driver as if to tell him to keep driving before standing in front of the car, trying them to stop.

On a separate video, this time the foreigner can be seen sitting on the car's hood again while the car was moving. He slides off the hood and tries to open the car door but he fails, then hits it with his hand. He then walks away in the opposite direction.

"The driver explained that there’s a new @grabph policy re cancellations and no-shows. He didn’t listen. We were already causing traffic, so driver tried to move, but this self-entitled man sat on the hood again! He eventually gave up, but managed to hit the car!!! " Gonzales wrote in her tweet.

"No one was hurt. The car obtained zero damages. And despite having been harassed, the driver still kept his calm. Thanks, Kuya Amor, for keeping us safe. (P.S. the male passenger was apparently on his way to the @immigrationPH, perhaps to renew his visa? I hope he got there safe)," She added.

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