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Man driving from passenger seat to face revocation of driver's license and disqualification - DOTR

This man is driving a car while seating in the passenger side on a daylight traffic. The driver was identified as Miko Lopez, he will face charges and revocation of driver's license as per the recommendation of LTO chief Ed Vera in a statement post in DOTR Facebook page.

              Screen Grab/ Department of Transportation – Philippines/FB

It can be seen Lopez driving an automatic transmission vehicle from the passengers seat while a passenger at the back took the video. Lopez is using his left hand to move the steering wheel while his left foot to control the gas and brake.

Lopez even posted a photo while driving a car without a steering wheel on his previous post in Facebook.

       Screen grab / Visor

The viral video has reach the attention of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), who said to charge Lopez of reckless driving, illegal modification (removing the steering wheel), not wearing seatbelt, and improper person to operate a motor vehicle.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) sternly warns the public that it will not tolerate and will, in fact, pursue necessary actions, against motorists engaged in reckless driving and bragging about it on social media.

       Screen Grab/ DOTR FB       

The DOTr said in a statement that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) summoned Lopez today. However, in a separate post of DOTr, Lopez failed to appear despite service of summons. "The LTO Law Enforcement Service (LES) will now prepare the resolution to revoke his license and disqualify him from applying for a driver's license again in the future,"DOTr said.

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