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3-year-old chooses horror movie 'The Nun' as her birthday party theme went viral

Not a common children's party as we know, that was themed with Disney princesses or the child's cartoon characters.
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This 3-year-old girl is making a buzz online because of her birthday party theme kind of choice, 'The Nun'. Lucia's 3rd birthday horror themed photos became the internet best topic, as it was retweeted more than 130K times and over half a million likes.

Her cousin Andrea share the once in a blue moon children's party, saying it was completely Lucia's idea. Her cousin Andrea when speaking to Buzzfeed said, it started when Lucia first saw The Nun at her grandmother's house and bravely finished the whole movie.

Then Andrea doesn't stop telling her mother that this horror inspired theme is she wanted to do on her birthday. Then people instantly liking Lucia's whole idea on her birthday, which quickly gone viral in the Twitter world. 

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