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Calvin Abueva tells his story in a live video over Ray Parks girlfriend issue

Calvin Abueva once again at the center of controversy over Blackwater rookie's Ray Parks' girlfriend during the PBA game on Friday, May 31.

Abueva allegedly showing like he's jerking at Parks' girlfriend, actress Maika Rivera and allegedly called her a b**ch after taking a final foul in the game.

"I understand he plays with antics and plays with people's minds, but why can't he do that to me?" an upset Parks told reporters.

"Why would he go off to the side of the court, to nobody that had nothing to do [with the game] and literally call that person a 'b**ch' while looking at the clock?" He added.

However, in a Facebook live, Abueva explained that it was Maika who did first why he reacted that way. According to him, Maika called him a monkey and even uttered f**k U towards him. His wife and other teammates are witness to the incident said Abueva.

Watch his story below:

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