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Maika Rivera denies calling Abueva a monkey in her Instagram story

Maika Rivera, Ray Parks' girlfriend strongly denied accusations made by Calvin Abueva as she plans to file a legal complaint. In her lengthy explanation on Instagram, she denied calling Abueva a monkey during the Blackwater and Phoenix Pulse controversial game.

The actress said that she would not use such racist remarks since Rivera's boyfriend is a half Filipino, half African American.

"I did not call him "monkey", never did that word come out of my mouths." She wrote. 

In contrary to Abueva's statement, Rivera said it was Abueva who started the incident after she cheered for Parks.

"It started when I was cheering for Ray, because he was getting hit and fouled badly so I was encouraging him "c'mon skat,you got this kaya mo yan!"

"Then the Phoenix Player, looked at me and pointed at the score board laughing, shrugging."

"When he got to the middle of the court he then said "bitch" and had said it another time after, Now, I do admit I gave him the bad finger after i was called a bitch more than 2 times, was staring at me, licking his lips, smiling, nodding, screaming, and gesturing me to shut up using a zipper motion on his lips," she explained.

                                      Source: Instagram

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