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Netizen slams SM cinema's 'NO OUTSIDE FOOD' policy in movie theater

Facebook user John Winkle Wong has brought his disappointment to social media over the "No Outside Food" policy posted at the entrance of SM Trinoma Movie World. 


He claim that a lot of customers were allegedly stopped at the cinema entrance and asked to surrender the food they bought in the mall, or to eat it outside before entering.

Wong cited as saying that he saw a hungry lady who bought nachos was asked to leave it at the entrance. Even a grandmum he said doesn't escaped from the policy when her bottled drink was stop because she purchased it from SM Hypermart and not in Snack Time.

"Some people requested for a refund of their tickets but all they can give is a movie voucher," Wong said. 

Wong's Facebook post who vowed to boycott SM Cinema and choose to watch at Ayala Malls received over 36K comments, 64K shares and over 113K reactions.

Margie Siciliano said: "Greed beyond belief!"

However, others had tried to defend SM Cinema policy because according to them it was a global policy and a lot of theaters abroad are doing the same practice.

Due to public demand, SM Cinema announced today that they are removing the BAN on outside food. However, still there are few specific items that will remain forbidden like:

1. Rice and pasta meals
2. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in glass bottles and can.
3. Food items with sauces (such as vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce).
4. Food on stick.

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