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Eddie Garcia might be taken off life support

Eddie Garcia has remained comatose and still in critical condition with life support machine at the ICU of the Makati Medical Center. 

In an official statement released by Garcia’s family, it was revealed that Garcia suffered a neck fracture after tripping on a cable wire. “The doctors ruled out heart attack and stroke as proven by several validating tests done in Mary Johnston hospital. He is in critical condition due to severe cervical fracture,” the family wrote.

Eddie is under a 48-hour "critical observation", unresponsive, practically brain dead. His condition was described as "Glasgow coma, the lowest rate".

“Eddie was revived at Mary Johnston and moved to Makati Med where my uncle, Dr. Enrique Lagman, confirmed that he suffered neither a heart attack nor an aneurism”.

"Lillibeth who has booked a room so she could watch over Eddie and entertain visiting friend and relatives. “I was asked if I wanted to have Eddie resuscitated but I bided my time. I might make a decision this afternoon (yesterday).” Eddie's long-time partner 33-year-old Lillibeth Romero said the Philippine Star

The withdrawal of life support includes removal of tubes, they'll extubate, no medicine and oxygen.

Over the weekend, Filipino celebrities took to social media calling their fans and followers to pray for the recovery of veteran actor.

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