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Efren Bata Reyes win Champions Challenge One Pocket against Billy Thorpe

Small but terrible Efren "Bata" Reyes once again proved that even at his age still he is unbeatable in the world of billiards. Recently, the 'Magician' win the Champions Challenge One Pocket against Billy Thorpe. 

              Photo courtesy of PoolActionTV

On Day 1, Efren won 10-8 in a close match; Day 2, Billy bounce back and captured it 10-7; however, on the final match where the two tied in all one.

On Day 1: Efren won 10-8 in a close match, Day 2: Billy bounces back, winning 10-7 against Efren, Day 3: They are all tied at one all, ended Efren won. The game enters Day 4 which started Reyes taking 5-0 lead, then Billy poured it on with some spectacular shots.

In the final game it was 9-8 and Billy on two fouls, Efren shot a long bank on the 9 and the ball hung deep in the jaws of his pocket. Billy steps to the table and laughs out loud as Efren reminds him he is on two fouls. Reyes ended up making his last ball and then they heartily shook hands for a match well played. 

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