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GMA Network subscribers need to re-scan Digital TV Box now to continue watching

Are you having problem in watching GMA shows? The network urge subscribers to re-scan their digital TV boxes immediately to continue watching and for much faster when channel surfing. 

Here are the steps how to re-scan your digital TV boxes:

  • Press “Menu” and go to “Settings”
  • Under “Installation”, press “Factory Default” and enter the password on the dialogue box (for example: 0-0-0-0)
  • Select “YES” to confirm Factory Default
  • Choose “Auto Search” or “Auto Scan” then press “OK”
  • Wait for the auto scan to be completed or until “Search Completed” appears on the screen then press “OK” or “Exit”
  • Search for GMA and GMA News TV using the up and down buttons of the remote control

However, cable and satellite subscribers are not required to re-scan.

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