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Outgoing Mayor Tomas Osmeña leaves Cebu City mayor's office bare before stepping down

This unusual scene shocked people who visited Cebu City mayor's office today after discovering all furniture and fixtures inside the office were all removed by the team of outgoing mayor Tomas "Tommy" Osmeña.

           Cebu mayor's office. Photo: Dale G. Israel

The outgoing mayor said, he spent P2 million from his pocket to have a functional office when assumed the post in 2016 after the city council rejected his request for funds.

The tiles, ceiling, glass dividers, and furniture have all been taken out. Even the tiles and wash hands bowl in the washroom were removed and the concrete were left bare.

According to local media reports, incoming mayor-elect Edgar Labella was considering filing charges against Osmeña for destroying the mayor's office.

Outgoing Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña had stepped down the mayor's office ahead of the supposed official transition on June 30.

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