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Poor artist who showcase artwork at the sidewalk in Iloilo city secures online buyers

Undeniably not all Filipino artists has given the chance to showcase their talent because of poverty. Being an artist can be a life choice. Sometimes it may be because of compulsion to stay alive or stand up to get recognize.

Social media user Sal Molinos shares a photo of an artist, busy doing his artwork at the sidewalk in Jaro, Iloilo city.

"It's sad to see a local artist not having a proper venue to showcase his art and talent," Molinos wrote in his post. 

The artist was identified as Larry Casinao, displaying his art work at Jaro Plaza near China bank. A now viral photos online has catch the attention of netizens who offer there intention to buy his work.  

Even actress Heart Evangelista who was known for his loved of painting twitted, "He amazingly talented! How to find him?"

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