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Renee Dominique & Jason Mraz collab 'Could I Love You Any More' looks stunning

We feel in love watching Renee Dominique and Jason Mraz new music video "Could I Love You Any More".

The stunning video show the young international singer-songwriter seated outside a cafe while pens the lyrics of the song, as they continue singing to come up a story of love.

In an interview with, Dominique described the story of the song as one that "celebrates all kinds of love for all kinds of relationships - between parents and child, a man and wife, a couple on courtship, or someone yearning for a true friend."

"For me, it's a kickstart to an amazing friendship ahead with Jason,"she said.

 “The journey of a song begins with a thought, in the mind or of the heart. Then it reaches the tip of a pen or the tip of the tongue. From there it’s expressed beyond paper, through instruments, into microphones, and on to stages, where it is received and held by audiences, stored in memories and cameras. The music video follows the journey of two songwriters seeing an idea through, from the flower of a thought to colorful fruition,” Mraz said.

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