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Thurman bets $10K on himself to KO Pacquiao within 2 rounds

Keith Thurman is so confident that he can dispose the eight-time division champion Manny Pacquiao within the first two rounds of  their fight on July 20. 

Thurman is placing $10,000 bet on himself so that he can cash an extra payout.

"I'm younger. I'm gonna let my hands go in a way that Adrian Broner didn't," Thurman tells TMZ Sports ... "I'm gonna make it a fight!"

Thurman and Pacquiao will be facing each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in July. The undefesated Thurman, who is younger than Pacquiao by 10 years, said he's putting added pressure for himself to end the fight early.

"That's motivation! I can't go 3 minutes going 'tap, tap, tap' when I got $10k on the round!" said Thurman in that TMZ interview.

However, the veteran Filipino boxing icon Pacquiao is busy in deep training for the same formula that has worked for him over the years - it includes intensive sparring, morning routine like jogging and other conditioning exercises as he prepares for his younger and undefeated opponent.

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